funnyfangirl (funnyfangirl) wrote in maes_hughes,

I'm sorry, but I just had to ask!

I'm sorry if I'm being bothersome, but I've been uberly confused for days on end. So I just had to ask. I couldn't find a Roy+Hughes LJ right off the bat, so I figured this would be a good place to start things off at. XD I'm sure there are some members in here that are fans of Roy+Hughes, and I was hoping to ask the verterans of that pairing because I don't quite have a good grasp on the story behind it. XD I wanted to reach out to some fans so I can understand it properly. XD One big question that hangs over my head is, where is all the angst coming from? I mean, there are fanfiction out there that I've cried to all the time because this can be a beautiful pairing! But, what these fics don't quite clear up is that, well, if Hughes and Roy had so much love for eachother (*SOB!*), what was the reason behind Hughes throwing it all away suddenly and getting married? If they mean so much to eachother, what changed all that so quickly? Does anyone have ideas how or why their relationship comes out so tragic? I wonder somtimes why I'm crying to this pairing. XD
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