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Searching for Hughes Rper for Female!Roy Mustang Muse. >.o;;;

Um yeah. ^^ I'm currently looking for a Maes Hughes for this Livejournal RPG which I play a Genderswitched!Roy Mustang (Female!Roy Mustang). I guess I finally cave. >.o;;

Basically, I just want a Hughes to interact with at this RPG, if only because I would find it amusing for my muse to go spaz & guilt trip over seeing a Living Hughes. It's alright if they don't get together, fyi. Though that would be seriously fun.

This Multi-Fandom RPG is very unique in that you can play a Canon!Character or an Alternate-Universe!Character. The Canon!Character would be straight out of the Fandom while the Alternate-Universe!Character is more on the free form side (my Roy is an AU!Roy Mustang). I'm not quite sure if Nazi!Hughes and FMA!Hughes is considered the same but hey, if they are considered different people, won't it be more fun to have four Hughes running amok? -laughs-

There's also still an opening for a Canon!Roy Mustang, btw. So far we only have Canon!Alphonse, Canon!Edward and Canon!Envy. No one else, so why not come and join? Hope to some more FMA people there!

Original vs Alternate
Sometime in the future, Earth will be put under siege. In a last-ditch attempt to save their world, scientists invent a machine called the Consulo with the ability to pull people from different dimensions into this one. Chosen for their unique abilities, those snatched from their own worlds are deposited into a prison-like city called Econtra where they are told they've been conscripted into the most powerful army ever known.
A Multi-Fandom, Multi-Universe Game
A new RPG with a twist: the option of playing either Original (OU) or Alternate (AU) versions of every character. Can you survive the prison-world of Econtra? Come find out.
Read the beginning of your captivity...
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If anyone's interested in understanding my Roy Mustang's background in this... here's her RP journal: resilient_flame

PS: Though my main focus is looking for a Hughes, the rest of the Mustang-tachi gang is well encouraged. =D
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