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Maes Hughes Fan Community

beware of falling photos

Maes Hughes fan community
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to the Maes Hughes community. We're a mostly friendly bunch of people who all share one thing in common -- a love for Hughes (and his family)! Got a fanfic involving him? Post it here! Got fanart of him? Post it here! Weird photomanips? Icons? Wallpapers? Doujinshi scans? Theories? General discussion? It's all fine here, as long as it involves Maes Hughes.


Some general guidelines to follow when posting here:

1. MARK EVERYTHING CLEARLY. Spoilers, pairings, any other warnings -- mark it clearly. We don't want people stumbling into something they didn't exactly want.

2. LJ-CUTS ARE NICE. This goes along with #1 -- obviously, you'll need a cut to hide whatever information. Even if it is spoiler free, please cut large images and writings out of courtesy.


4. BE TOLERANT OF OTHERS. Debate all you like, that's great, but intolerance for the opinions of others is a quick way to bansville.

5. DON'T ADVERTISE UNLESS IT PERTAINS TO HUGHES. maes_hughes is about Maes Hughes. It is not a place for you to advertise your FMA related comm. However, if your advertisement is... well, something involving Hughes (and more than in the sense of "hay guys fma rpg hughes open"), it will be allowed.


Your mods are:

treesock (community founder. madly in love.)
selphish (cool person. or something. probably way more responsible than treesock.)

If you'd like to become a mod, yell at treesock about it. If she feels you're responsible enough to help run the community, she'll probably let you have a hand in it.

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